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05/09/2008 17:46

Become a member today!!!

Bianca Ledesma(New Zealand)
08/19/2008 16:40

I am enquiring regarding Nadia Uddin and hope that someone can be of help to me.
I have been trying very hard to send e-mails through to Nadia's Contacts regarding myself as being a kidney donor for Nadia but unsure if my e-mails will even get through.If someone could contact me that would be great,I hope that you can get through to my emails.thank you.


Patrick Rocchio
12/23/2009 08:38

I love the new site. It is so informative. It is really put together well.

Elba Carpio
02/02/2010 08:46

Website is very informative, proud to be a member.

10/04/2010 20:19

Thanks for having me at your meeting tonight. I got the chance to meet some very passionate community members in the Bronx Borough.

02/01/2011 10:03

Previously residing in the Bronx over 45 years ago I finally return home to see what I can find to be at home. Visit the website
also or markb
and and look for Boshiva Entertainment and Mark Brannum. These sites will give you an idea to welcome you for ventures and fun in entertainment educational and financial. Thanks. Stay Blessed! Mr. B.

morris park getting unsafe
03/09/2011 10:24

its so sad thier is about 16-18 group of guys hanging out at the dead end on hunt and vannest and we that live on hunt feel so unsafe because our kids has to go to school and come home and these people look 17-25 age and they dont live around here they are at the last house

05/16/2011 16:17

hunt avenue people at the last house on hunt by the dead end about 18 guys with metal bats wanted to fight with kids over here MAY 16,2011 AROUND 5 PM THASE KIDS THAT DOESNT LIVE THIER THAT HANG OUT AT THE LAST HOUSE AT THE DEAD END ON HUNT AND VANNEST ARE STARTING PROBLEM IN THE AREA AND MORRIS PARK RESIDENT FEEL UNSAFE

07/06/2011 04:15

Cars are continuously being keyed on Lurting Ave between Rhinelander Ave & Morris Park. Person is vandalizing cars parked on street and is going into driveways to gash cars. It has happened both during the day and at night. Please keep your eyes opened and alert the police if you witness any vandalism.

09/05/2011 15:22

my mother's car windshield had someone throw a rock at the window and brake it and I want to know why the cops would not give her a report -but instead gave her a sob-story that a "rock" hit the window. That was not true we saw the person who threw the rock at the window. Who is protecting Morris Park, because the police sure as hell are not looking out for our best interest.

09/10/2011 21:50

when was a "LOUNGE" permitted at 2129 Williamsbridge Rd. behind our homes with liquor and beer and a deck built in the back with 50 people smoking cigars blowing into our yards and our homes within 50 feet of our yards. With music playing till 1:00AM as of right now 9/11/2011? When did Locasio decide to rent our her storefronts to this and have music playing into middle of night and have smoke outs? Also chairs and a deck built is considered a "Cafe" and unpermitted by Consumer Affairs without a permit and this store has not been opened yet, rather the tenant has been using the yard to hang out with their buddies smoking and drinking and playing music till 1:00AM and later. I know for fact they have not officially opened nor do they have a permit to use the yard for a deck with chairs, barbeque, liquor, and cigar smoking. when is this going to be looked into? It is not a nightclub for people to hang out facing our backyards within 50 feet.

11/16/2011 12:50

now the residents are being robbed and jumped and beat up coming off the train on Esplanade Ave/Morris Park. So riders have to be vigilent and seems women are being targeted. heard 11/14//2011 a woman was beat up pretty bad on Haight Ave off Esplanade Ave.


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